You vs. Your 6-9: a Survival Guide

Written by Andreas Fields
Posted on November 12, 2020

The 6-9: the college student’s natural rival and greatest enemy. Will you let it destroy you? Or will you be well-rested and prepared each week and show that 6-9 who’s boss?

Whether it’s virtual or in-person, use this guide to survive your 6-9 class and turn it into an enjoyable experience.

#1: Stay Hydrated and Well Nourished

Hunger is a beast not easily tamed, and it’s hard to focus when your stomach is growling up a storm. To combat your evening cravings, have some snacks on hand or make sure you eat before class. Drink plenty of water to ensure that you will be alert and awake.

#2: Nap Before Class

When you’re exhausted and don’t know if you have the energy to go on, a nap can save the day. Use an hour or two before your class starts to rest up so you’re energized and ready to learn.

#3: Finish Other Homework First

Homework is a bloodthirsty monster all students must face. Slaying this giant by completing homework for all your classes ahead of time will take a load off your shoulders. You won’t have to worry about reading 50 pages from your psychology textbook at 10 p.m. if you’re able to get it done earlier. Also, make sure you complete all homework for your 6-9 ahead of time! Don’t stress yourself out by doing everything last minute.

#4: Make Friends with Your Classmates

Making a few friends in your class will make your experience more enjoyable. You’ll have people to look forward to seeing every week and new study buddies. If your class is virtual, make the most of breakout rooms. Your 6-9 will be easier to manage if you have at least one of your classmate’s contact info so you can ask questions and support each other throughout the rest of the semester.

#5: Communicate with Your Professor

If you’re struggling, reach out! Find out when your professor’s office hours are, or shoot them an email explaining your situation or what you need help with. Your professors are on your side, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Although it seems challenging at first, a 6-9 is manageable if you prepare, have a positive attitude, and do your best! This semester is particularly challenging for many of us, so make sure you’re being kind to yourself and seeking help when you need it.

If you need more study tips or academic advice, check out the Student Academic Success Center. Good luck, Lakers!

Page last modified November 12, 2020