What Makes an “I am GV” Recipient?

Posted February 21, 2021

Written by Andreas Fields

Each year, the I am GV campaign recognizes Lakers in our community who truly embody what it means to give back, get involved, and be dedicated to Grand Valley. Students honored and celebrated by I am GV have shown their leadership through their involvement in a student organization, academics, or on-campus employment.

Here’s what some past I am GV recipients have to say about leadership and what it means to be GV.

Name: Jennastasia Chapa 

Major: Advertising and Public relations

Minor: Psychology

Campus Involvement: Kappa Kappa Psi, Campus Activities Board, Laker Marching Band, Basketball Pep Band, Swing Dance Club, 

“I feel that I am someone that bridges the gap between lots of students that might not otherwise connect. Because I am involved in several different types of activities, I enjoy making those cross-connections and combining my skills and interests.”


Jennastasia Chapa

Ashley Pangan

Name: Ashley Pangan

Major: Accounting

Campus Involvement: Resident Housing Association, Circle K International, Phi Chi Theta, Asian Student Achievement Program

“Being a leader gave me the opportunity to expand my circle and get to know all different kinds of people on campus… I know that I have the power to make a difference in someone’s life by being myself.”

Name: Chavala Ymker

Majors: Theatre, Integrative Studies

Campus Involvement: Cook Leadership Academy, Hauenstein Center, Fred Meijer Writing Center, Alpha Psi Omega

“Being able to lead service trips, facilitate difficult discussions, and help build new pilot programs are some of the highlights of my time at Grand Valley. I have so much more confidence to go out into the world because of the experiences I had as a leader on campus.”

Chavala Ymker

Rachael Les

Name: Rachael Les

Major: Psychology

Campus Involvement: Bachelor Nation, Psychology Department

“I have this insatiable drive to learn more and to make my fellow students feel heard.”


Name: Ethan Book

Major: Allied Health Sciences

Minor: Business 

Campus Involvement: Resident Assistant, Biology Department

“As an RA last year, I really wanted to make sure everyone that lived on my floor (as well as everyone else) felt safe and loved at GV… Constantly reaching out a guiding hand and putting together effective programs helped me do this.” 


Ethan Book

April Nunn

Name: April Nunn

Major: Studio Art

Campus Involvement: Boxing Club, Asian Student Union, African Student Council, Animators Guild

“I have an open mind to hear people out, observing the situation before putting my two cents in, and creative ways to solve solutions. But most important is understanding others and where they come from…”


Name: Alexis Gerard

Major: Master’s of Occupational Science and Therapy (Graduate School Student)

Campus Involvement: Student Occupational Therapy Association, Dance Troupe

“Being part of an organization that allows individuals to express themselves and make new connections with others is what I love to see… I have built so many relationships within the GVSU community and it has given me so many opportunities to stand out as the unique individual that I am.”

Alexis Gerard

Meranda Kwitkowski

Name: Meranda Kwitkowski 

Major: Photography 

Campus Involvement: Recreation Center, Resident Assistant

“Being a leader on campus has changed my experience at Grand Valley in the most amazing way possible. I have met so many amazing people, attended and hosted fun events, and made so many memorable experiences. I thought I would be in and out of college and not remember a thing, but Grand Valley changed that.”

If you know a Laker who’s a strong leader and deserves to be recognized, nominate them for I am GV today. All you have to do is fill out the online form, share some info about the person you’re nominating, and tell us what makes them GV.

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