Top 10 Worst Ways to Tell Your Crush You Like Them

Written by Sarah Krishef
Posted on February 11, 2021

The most romantic day of the year is approaching, and you are ready to confess the truth to your crush. But how? Instead of telling you what to do, it may be more helpful to tell you what NOT to do.
Avoid everything on this list and you should be just fine...

#10. Dress Up In A Mascot Outfit

The danger of mascot costumes is that nobody knows who’s really beneath the mask. Or worse, your crush will fall in love...with the costume. You are now Peter Parker.

#9. Write a “Top Ten Things I Love About You” List

Unless your crush is Buzzfeed, this is likely to come off as a little weird no matter how cool the people who write top ten lists are.

#8. You Won’t BELIEVE The Eighth Worst Option

You had this great idea to express your love in a YouTube video, but then you added a million ads and stretched it to the 10-minute mark. You also circled your crush’s face in the thumbnail and put the title in all caps. They felt you were being insincere.

#7. Pull Their Pigtails


#6. Buy Them The World’s Largest Flower

This sounds like a cute option until you discover that the world’s largest flower is the Rafflesia arnoldii, which smells intensely of rotting meat in order to attract pollinators.

#5. Steal The Declaration Of Independence

It’s true that “the pursuit of happiness” is a pretty romantic concept, but the heist could get a little convoluted. You should probably leave this one to the professionals.


#4. Give Them Garlic Bread

This actually sounds like an amazing romantic gesture – but wait a minute! Your crush was a vampire the whole time! Look what you’ve done!


#3. Serenade Them Under the Full Moon

Again, a pretty romantic option until your crush turns out to be a werewolf.

#2. Do Absolutely Nothing and Just Hope They’ll Somehow Notice You

This is an extremely popular method that has been used for centuries, but unfortunately, the success rate is very low.

#1. Write an Article in The Student Life Weekly

Margaret, are you reading this? Did you check your email? …Margaret?

That tragedy aside, you can never go wrong with being simple, honest, and sweet. And whether or not you’re crushing on anyone this Valentine’s Day, check out the events calendar for some exciting Valentine’s Day activities.

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