Letter From Louie: Advice From a 24-Year Laker

Written By: Andreas Fields and Sarah Krishef
Posted on October 14, 2020

Dear Lakers,

My name is Louie the Laker, and when I say I’m a Laker for a Lifetime, I mean it literally. I’ve been here since 1996 and I’ve pretty much seen it all. Wondering how to make the most of your time at GVSU? You’ve come to the right fisherman/sailor mascot guy.

Transformational Link

#1: Never Walk Under the Transformational Link

If you’ve been at GVSU for a while, it’s pretty likely that you’ve heard our most popular superstition: if you walk under the big blue Transformational Link, you’ll fail your exams!  Sounds scary, but your college experience is what you make of it, and honestly it’s up to you to decide whether or not to believe in this local legend. However, I did walk under the Transformational Link once about 24 years ago, and I have yet to graduate. But I’m sure that’s just a coincidence… right?

Sunny day on campus outside on sidewalk

#2. Learn Your Campus

For newer Lakers, “learning the campus” might mean having the patience to learn the locations of your classes, your friends’ rooms, and your favorite places to eat. But for everyone, this means you shouldn’t be afraid to explore everywhere you can. Do you know about the fish tanks in Padnos? How about the mini-library in Niemeyer? What about the free books on the second floor of Lake Ontario Hall? Little surprises are everywhere, and it’s up to you to hunt them down.

Louie the Laker making a heart with his hands

#3. Treasure Your Time

Listen…I’m kind of old. Here on campus, I’ve watched gorgeous new buildings rise and treasured old buildings fall. Your time at GV will fly by quickly, so take lots of pictures and make sure you make the most of your time here. Join a student organization or find a volunteer opportunity. Pursue your interests and try something new. You never know what will happen.

You rock, Lakers, and I hope you love Grand Valley State University as much as I do. Anchor Up!

Your friend,
Louie the Laker

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