Laker Tips & Tricks: Scheduling Your Classes

Written by Andreas Fields and Sarah Krishef
Posted on March 22, 2022

Scheduling classes can be a challenge: which classes should you take and when, how early in the morning do you want to get up, and how do you know if you have a class downtown? Luckily, there are many ways to work out your schedule and plan which classes you should take next year. Not convinced? Here’s how you can make the scheduling process easier and ensure that you get the class schedule of your dreams.

#1: Meet with your advisor

Advisors are assigned to you based on your major, so they are a great resource for all of your scheduling questions! Advisors can tell you exactly how many credits you need to graduate, which classes require prerequisites, and what kinds of modules you have to choose from. Meeting with an advisor is the perfect opportunity to bounce around your schedule ideas while getting an informed opinion.

#2: Consider your credits

Whatever year you’re in, it can also be helpful to consider how many credits you have left before you can graduate. Being a full time student requires at least 12 credits per semester, but you can take up to 15 for the same cost. Be aware of your limits, though, and try not to over-book yourself. You might think taking 18 credits while working 20 hours a week and being involved in four different student organizations sounds like a great idea now, but your future self won’t be thanking you next fall!

#3: Plan your classes beforehand

Before you jump into registration, start making plans about what classes you want to take. You could prioritize gen eds, finish up your core classes, or even start choosing electives. You can use the Plan Ahead function in GVSU’s Self-Service Registration so that you can create potential schedules and even log them in directly to speed up the registration process.

#4: Wake up bright and early

Not everyone is a morning person, but it’s worth being one on registration day. Find your registration date so that you know exactly when you are eligible to register. Since registration opens at 7:00 a.m. on that morning, the earlier you wake up, the more space will be available! Then you can go back to sleep with one less thing to worry about.

Although it may seem scary, scheduling classes can be fun and fulfilling. With enough preparation, you should be more than ready to craft the perfect schedule and dive deep into your classes next semester!

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