Laker Tips & Tricks: Best Study Spots On Campus

Author: Beth Baranski

Posted on January 17, 2020

The semester is in full swing, and it’s important that you stay focused and motivated! Finding a quiet and distraction-free place to do homework can be challenging. The Mary Idema Pew Library is a classic choice, but there are also plenty of other secret nooks on campus that will give you the peace and quiet you want this semester. Here’s our official list of the best study spots on campus.


Though Niemeyer is a living center, the center area of the building is filled with countless open spaces to study. If you’re lucky, you may even find an empty classroom you can use — at least until a class comes in. Need a GVSU computer to complete your project? Niemeyer’s got you covered with a lab just down the left hallway on the main floor.

Pan shot of Niemeyer

Au Sable Hall

Au Sable Hall

Located just past the looming blue archway, Au Sable’s winding halls are filled with tables and benches for all your studying needs. You may even run into one of your professors who would be more than happy to provide you with help or study tips!

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Homework is always more fun with coffee and a bagel. Einstein’s is the perfect place to be productive and get all the caffeine you need to help you finish that paper.

Einsteins Bagel Shop

Mackinaw Hall


If you manage to not get lost in the maze that is Mackinac, you can find some great study places. With four different sections and multiple floors, the massive hall has tables and nooks just around every corner. Plus, Mackinac has a P.O.D. store or two, and Fresh Food Company is right across the courtyard to fulfill all your study-snack needs.

Studying is hard work, but with an awesome study spot and a few Laker friends, you’ll be able to manage your stress and stay on top of your classes. Be sure to take well-deserved breaks in between all that studying, and for more study tips, check out the Student Academic Success Center Website.

Page last modified January 17, 2020