Join a Student Organization: Finding your Community and Staying Connected During Unprecedented Times

Written by Sarah Krishef
Posted on January 28, 2021

 In a time when we are all isolated, many GVSU student organizations are working hard to provide us with a safe way to connect.

Fellow GVSU students Maddie Schultz, Emily McKenzie, and Hannah Kelly explain why they love devoting their time to their organizations and why it’s especially rewarding right now to stay involved.

Pompon Club
Student doing poetry
Student ambassador helping new students move in

#1. Perform with the Pompon Club

One great way to stay social and active is by joining a sports team such as the Pompon team, a high energy dance group. Amidst twice-a-week practices and team bonding activities with safety precautions, the members of GVSU’s Pompon Club provide each other much-needed friendship, laughs, and fun.

“I was really glad to be involved because it gave me a reason to leave my apartment and gave me even just the slightest bit of normal,” says Maddie Schultz, Pompon Club member. 

Thanks to her organization, Maddie has found a network of support that has made her year a little less stressful.

#2. Make a Difference with Momentum

“This is my third semester serving as President of Momentum, and this semester was definitely the most difficult,” President Emily McKenzie says. 

Momentum, which also centers around performance and choreography, was entirely remote in Fall 2020, an obstacle members overcame by holding drop-in virtual dance classes. 

In spite of the challenges they faced, Momentum was able to make an amazing impact. At their virtual end-of-the-year show, the team raised nearly $600 for the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan’s “be nice.” campaign.

 “Art is essential during these unprecedented times, and our members have created so much valuable work this semester,” Emily says.

#3. Engage with In the Margins

Finally, In the Margins is a poetry and creative writing club that exists as a pressure-free space to share creative work of all kinds. Despite the lack of in-person activities, President Hannah Kelly always aims to create a fun and accommodating shared space. 

I think it is more important than ever to stay involved this semester,” Hannah says. “A student organization, even if it's virtual, provides a safe space to be yourself, to explore new passions, and to meet new people.”

#4. Why You Should Get Involved Too

These three student orgs form just a tiny handful of possible organizations to join. However, no matter where your passion lies, every space on campus can bring its own benefits.

If you are interested in joining a student organization of your own this semester, Campus Life Night Live on January 31 is a great chance to learn more about involvement opportunities. This streaming event will start at 7 p.m. with giveaways every 10-15 minutes. Don’t miss your chance to expand your college experience this semester!

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