I am GV: What it Means to be a Laker

Posted November 4, 2019

Written by Beth Baranski

Every year, GV students are recognized for their strong leadership and contribution to campus with the “I am GV” award. This award is given out to numerous students for their dedication to improving the Laker community through their involvement in student organizations, on-campus employment, and more. Here’s what a few of our previous nominees have to say about what it means to be a Laker.

Ari Nitzkin

Name: Ari Nitzkin

Year: Sophomore

Major: International Relations & Religious Studies

Campus Involvement: Student Senate, Alpha Epsilon Pi, and Hillel

“The leader makes the title, the title does not make the leader.”

Alexandra Sixt

Name: Alexandra Sixt 

Year: Senior

Major: Advertising/Public Relations

Campus Involvement: Resident Assistant

“Keep your chin up...stay positive, find your community because it’s here. And if you work to find it, you’ll feel way more at home.”

Brad Mansour

Name: Bradley Mansour 

Year: Senior

Major: Business Management with Information Systems (MIS)

Campus Involvement: Promotions Office, Enterprise Systems Student Union (ESSU)

“Put yourself out there. Be your genuine self and you’ll find lifelong friendships and relationships.”

Toria Knox

Name: Toria Knox 

Year: Senior

Major: CSAT elementary teaching, minor in applied linguistics 

Campus Involvement: Council for Exceptional Children, Resident Housing Association (RHA)

“My curiosity about people and their different stories… definitely helps people who may not feel comfortable here… ”

Renzo Garza Motta

Name: Renzo Garza Motta

Year: Junior

Major: Electrical Engineering

Campus Involvement: Padnos International Center, Solar Racing Team, Laker Racing Formula SAE 

“I like being a leader, but I feel sometimes you can lead more by being a peer than an actual leader in position...that way you can show them that hey, I’m at the same level as you are, and we can do this together.”

These students understand what it means to be a strong part of the Laker community. Know someone who exemplifies the Laker spirit? Check out the I am GV page for more information on what the award is and how to nominate fellow students!

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