I Am Grand Valley Profile: Emma Sluiter

Written by Leah Erben & Re-posted on January 16, 2019

Emma Sluiter

There are Lakers among us who use their time at GVSU to be more than only students — to help other students and leave a lasting impact on campus. The I am GV campaign was designed to recognize these leaders that go out of their way to enhance the college experience. Emma Sluiter is an I am GV recipient because of her dedication to improving the lives of her fellow Lakers through her bright personality and involvement on campus. The I am GV program aims to recognize the Lakers who are role models, and Emma is a student that we can all look up to.

Emma is a senior majoring in health communications and advertising/public relations, but she’s also a leader, a dedicated teammate, and devoted friend. Emma utilizes her leadership skills throughout the many GV organizations she has been a part of. She has been involved in First Year Leadership Experience, Whale Radio, Student Senate, and was a Transitions Leader. As a senior, Emma helps younger students adjust to college life, and she aims to be a good friend above all else. She believes that the effect she’s had on campus can be reflected in the way she has helped students find their niche at GV:  “I’ve made an impact in creating more community opportunities for people.” As a Transitions Leader, she focuses on ensuring students find their community by joining a club and making friends with similar interests. Belonging to something greater than yourself is big component of the holistic college experience, and Emma wants to help students achieve that. Her people skills and ability to lighten a room with her positivity has made many students feel more at home at GV.


During her involvement in First Year Leadership Experience, Emma worked to help first-year students develop and adapt their leadership skills so that they too can become strong, influential leaders at GV. She was able to act as a mentor and have difficult but important conversations with those students about diversity and the importance of acceptance. She has a passion for helping students grow and develop their abilities. Additionally, it is crucial to her that she is a caring friend, and she’s always there for her peers when they need her. She says that her main goal is “[to be] that person that someone can talk to, regardless of the role or position I’m in. To start conversations with anyone you don’t know… [and] make sure they feel appreciated.” Her kindness has allowed her to touch the lives of countless students at GV. Through her positive influence, leadership, and kindness on campus, Emma Sluiter has left a lasting impact at GVSU and is the prime example of what it means to be a Laker.

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