Exam Cram 2018: Get Work Done and Have Some Fun!

Written by Leah Erben & Re-posted on January 16, 2019

Tis the season of exams, fatigue, and test anxiety! Don’t let the stress get the best of you. Check out the extensive list of stress-relieving events and activities GVSU is offering this year during Exam Cram.

1. Exam Cram On-Campus Events

Did you know that GVSU hosts fun events during finals week aimed to give you a break and reduce your stress? Far too often, students prioritize their grades above their physical and mental well-being. This year, Exam Cram will take place from December 2 through December 12. Exam Cram is here to remind you that you will do better on your exams if you are healthy, well-rested, and have lower levels of stress.

group of students petting a golden retriever therapy dog

Notebook with a sticky note reading "Time to Succeed"

2. Time Management: Make a schedule

Schedule out each hour of your day. Be sure to include class time, study time, and time for relaxing. Additionally, create a reward system for yourself that will encourage you to stick to your schedule. For example, if you finish making flashcards for your math exam, allow yourself to go try out one of the Exam Cram events such as Collaborative Coloring or a free chair massage.

3. Make Your Study Space Distraction-Free

Find a quiet place where you know you will feel most motivated to be productive. If you find yourself getting distracted by things around you, find a new place and get down to business. The library is a great place for you to buckle down and focus, and it will have extended hours during Exam Cram week. Argo will also be open later, so you can get your caffeine fix and work into the wee hours of the morning.

Student reading a book/studying alone

Two students studying together

4. Study Buddies

Everything’s better with friends! Grab some pals from your class and schedule a study party. If you study better in group settings, book a room in Mary Idema Pew Library to work with friends. You can eat snacks, quiz each other, and ask questions about concepts you don’t understand. While you’re there, keep your eyes peeled for the free book exchange that will be taking place from December 3 to December 12. You can get some work done, snag some new books, enjoy some social interaction, and ultimately remind each other that no matter what happens, you will survive.

5. Drop-In Tutoring

GVSU offers free tutoring for chemistry, CIS, engineering, math, speech, statistics, and writing. All you have to do is stop by, and you can meet with knowledgeable students that will work with you one-on-one.

2 students studying together

6. Take Care of Yourself

During exam season, students tend to neglect themselves in a variety of ways. We tend to forget about sleep, drinking water, eating healthily, and our mental health. Take advantage of the Exam Cram events that are designed to help you take care of yourself such as free spin classes, yoga, Pilates, and so many more. Please make sure you are not prioritizing your schoolwork over your own well-being, and be sure to be patient with yourself and work to manage your stress.

If you’re looking for more information about learning skills and ways to study, check out all the additional tips and resources the university has to offer. For more information on Exam Cram and a complete schedule of events, check out the website.

Page last modified March 19, 2019