GV101: Transitions - New Student Orientation

Posted on August 31, 2017

What to Expect - Transitions

You’ve probably heard this 100 times by now but… Welcome to GVSU!

This first week is crucial to making your time at Grand Valley awesome. It can get a little overwhelming but remember - everyone has gone through it! Each Laker’s experience is different and Student Life has put together a list for you. Here are some tips for Transitions:

1. Get ready for ice-breakers

Okay, so ice-breakers aren’t everyone’s favorite but, it helps a lot when you’re meeting a ton of new people. It is especially helpful to remember the names of the people in your Living Center or from your Transition’s group.

2. Set your alarm to wake up early!

Campus is a beautiful place - especially in the morning. If you’re not an early riser your Transition’s Leaders (TL) and RA will be happy to knock on your door for a wake-up call.

3. Get ready to use the Laker Language

You’ll learn our football cheers, chants and traditions. Laker Pride is never low in the valley, so don’t be afraid to show your school spirit. Soon enough you’ll know how to anchor up with T. Haas as a Laker for a Lifetime because this is where we shred red, bleed blue and hail to thee Grand Valley.

L A - K E - R - U - A - LAKER - HELL - YEAH!

4. Make friends with your Transitions Leader

Transitions Leaders are here to help. They are trained volunteers who have been selected to represent the university and make sure your orientation goes smoothly. They know what it is like to come to GVSU and experience a new and exciting place. Talk to them about how they got involved on campus and ask how you can do the same. Ask them questions like: how does the bus system work? Will I have enough time to get to class? Why doesn’t anyone walk under the transformational link? What is the best thing about GVSU?

5. This is just the beginning

These next few weeks will fly by in an instant. Savor every moment. In four short years you will look back at your first days; the first time you drove under the arch; the first time you heard the clock tower chime; the smell of fall coming to campus and the beauty of the leaves changing; the first friends you make; the excitement and energy of the first tailgate of the season. It’s pure Laker magic, and it all starts now!

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