GV101: Campus Life Night (CLN)

Posted on August 31, 2017

What to expect at Campus Life Night

Once you’ve figured out your classes and how to use your meal plan, you’re probably wondering: what’s next?

The answer is simple - get involved. The first step is to attend Campus Life Night.

Every year on the Tuesday after Labor Day campus is bursting with energy. Over 400+ student organizations, tons of local businesses, nonprofits and various departments join the Office of Student Life with providing endless opportunities to get involved.

There’s a DJ, free stuff, and a ton of information booths. Here’s your top five things to expect at Campus Life Night.

Top 5 Tips for Campus Life Night

Every fall, more than 450 clubs and organizations pack themselves into endless rows of tables decorated with bright posters, persuasive smiles, and free swag. One of GVSU's most popular traditions, Campus Life Night, offers new and returning students a way to discover what's happening outside of the classroom. You'll be able to talk to campus department staff, learn about countless student resources, and explore how you can get involved!

Planning on attending CLN on September 5? Here's our Top 5 Tips. 

1. Get ready to write down your email.

Renaissance club? Improv comedy? Greek Life? Anything you think you're interested in welcomes you to join. Become a part of the culture at GVSU and find out what your best fit is.

2. Stock up on free stuff.

Stress Balls, pens, color changing cups, movie posters, stickers, temporary tattoos, giveaways, free pizza, ice cream, the options are endless! CLN is a gold-mine for free stuff. All you have to do is walk around and sign up for clubs that look interesting! Win-win.

3. It can be a little overwhelming.

Crowds aren’t for everyone, but it’s important to find your niche at GVSU through the student organizations on campus. Our advice? Get there early. Before the majority of campus turns out, stop by for the beginning. Ask questions, sign up, and get the first pick of free goodies.

4. Say yes now & no later.

Your schedule can change in the first week or two depending on your preferences. It’s best to find which organizations you like that also fit into your schedule. Sign up for multiple clubs and groups. Attend a few meetings and see if they are right for you. If not, find another of the 400+ student organizations and get involved. 

5. Become More

Student Life has a whole team of staff dedicated to making events like this possible. It’s not about becoming something you’re not, it’s about becoming more awesome than you ever thought possible through experience that challenges you. This is a fun night filled with possibilities. Who knows, you might just meet your next best friend!

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