Get to Know Your Student Senate

Written by Andreas Fields
Posted on October 23, 2020

The Student Senate Cabinet has officially been elected! Wait, you don’t know our 2020/2021 senators? You’ve come to the right place! Read more about some of the official Senate Cabinet members so you can get a better understanding of who is speaking for the Grand Valley student body.

Kelly Dowker

Kelly Dowker, President

Kelly is a junior majoring in social work. This is her third year serving on Student Senate and second year serving as a member of the Cabinet. Kelly is also a member of the Bachelor of Social Work Student Organization and the Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity. She is committed to uplifting student concerns to the administration and adjusting to a “new normal”, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grace McMahon

Grace McMahon, Executive Vice President

Grace is a junior majoring in biomedical science and minoring in chemistry, and this is her third year in Student Senate. She is a member of many organizations, including the GVSU Symphony Orchestra and Pre-Med Club, and she acts as an Alternative Breaks site leader. Grace ran for executive vice president in order to “serve as a resource for the vice presidents in their roles this year”.

Jenia Thompson

Jenia Thompson, Vice President for Senate Resources

Jenia Thompson, a senior majoring in political science and minoring in criminal justice, is also a resident assistant, an advocacy chair with the ACLU of GVSU, and a member of several committees within Student Senate. This school year, Jenia wants to increase transparency in the Senate and encourage students to use their voices to speak against injustice.

Eric Siegrist

Eric Siegrist, Vice President for Allocations

Eric Siegrist is a junior double majoring in accounting and finance. Eric also serves as a resident assistant and as a member of Laker Catholic and College Republicans. He is excited to help student organizations “obtain funding for professional development, campus programming, and more.”

Lauren Moine

Lauren Moine, Vice President of Public Relations

Lauren Moine is a senior with a double major in political science and criminal justice and a minor in legal studies. Lauren, a member of the Law Society, is excited to see how students and Senate members will adapt to the new changes brought on by COVID-19.

Kyle Holcomb

Kyle Holcomb, Vice President of Campus Affairs

Kyle Holcomb is a graduate student studying higher education who will serve as the vice president of campus affairs. They have been a member of Eta Sigma Phi and the Student Senate since 2019. Kyle hopes to represent the historically underrepresented group of graduate students in the Student Senate and also that their work in many different departments on campus will help to serve campus affairs.

Joel Pagel

Joel Pagel, Vice President of External Relations

Joel Pagel is a senior majoring in political science and minoring in history. Besides being a member of Student Senate, Joel is also active in the Law Society. He’s been a part of Student Senate since his first year at GV, and he decided to run for vice president of external affairs because he enjoys working with others. He is excited about Student Senate this year and what the Senators will be able to accomplish.

Student Senate works to represent your voices to the administration and help make Grand Valley the best institution it can be.

For more information about Student Senate and its members, visit the Student Senate website.

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