Finding the Perfect Student Org: Meet with an Involvement Assistant!

Written by Isabella Gielniak and Sarah Krishef
Posted on October 15, 2021

Looking for ways to engage as a Laker this fall? Jillian Smith and Madelynn Lutenski, two of GVSU’s involvement assistants, offer wisdom on why it’s so important to get involved. Learn what an involvement assistant is and how you can start the search for an organization of your own.

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Involvement Assistant having an involvement consultation with student.
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If you are looking for an event or student organization, a great place to start is LakerLink! Log in with your GVSU username and password to RSVP for events, discover student organizations, and view perks of attending events like free food or merch. With a wide variety of organizations from Dance Troupe to Student Senate to Bachelor Nation, you are bound to find something you can connect with.

But what if you’re having a harder time finding something you love? Reach out to an involvement assistant like Jillian Smith or Madelynn Lutenski. Involvement assistants are student employees with a special role in the Office of Student Life: they conduct involvement consultations with students in order to help those students find their place in Student Life.

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Jillian Smith is a fourth-year student who noticed the positive impact that on-campus involvement had on her life, and is passing that positivity on to others.

“My favorite part of working with students is being able to connect with them and being able to fully understand what they're dealing with as a student,” Jillian says. “They go from being extremely stressed to a sense of relief instantly.”

Madelynn Lutenski, a third-year involvement assistant alongside Jillian, encourages students to get involved in Student Life because it is simply fun!

“With how hectic the school year is for most students, getting involved can be stress-relieving!” she shares.

Madey was very involved in extracurricular activities throughout high school, and she wanted to continue her involvement after recognizing the importance of the connections she made. Her advice to first-year students looking to get involved is to never be afraid to try new things.

“Involvement is a process,” she says. “[It] will take time for you to get into the groove of things and that is okay.”

Involvement Assistant having an involvement consultation with student.

Both Jillian and Madey can be reached by signing up for an involvement consultation by video or phone call. By meeting with an involvement assistant, you can find that organization that works best for you.

Meet with an Involvement Assistant

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