Delete Distractions: Staying Focused in Your Online Classes

Written by: Beth Baranski

Published on: 3/26/2020

With only one week of online classes under our belts, it’s okay to still be feeling overwhelmed. It can be difficult transitioning to a full schedule online, and even more challenging to stay on top of what’s due when without any in-person reminders. Many of us may be feeling a lack of motivation during this uncertain period, but we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you stay focused on your classes while you’re staying safe inside!

Plan Your Day

Find a planner, a notebook, a white board, or something that is going to help you stay organized.  Make to-do lists to keep track of due dates and prioritize your assignments. Setting a daily schedule for yourself and writing out your assignments is a great way to help you stay on top of your classes and manage the lack of structure in your day-to-day life.

Eliminate Distractions

Are you someone who checks their phone every five minutes when you’re supposed to be writing a paper? Put your phone in a separate room during your designated study hours! If you’re someone who gets easily distracted, try to close yourself off in a space where there’s nothing to do but work on your assignments. Once you’ve finished your work, you can welcome those distractions back with open arms!

Find a Buddy

Whether it’s someone from your class or a close friend, having an accountability buddy is a fun way to keep your focus! Ask a classmate to text you reminders of deadlines or call a friend who can help answer some of your homework questions. FaceTime a friend to do homework quietly together so there’s someone there to make sure you’re not getting lost in the abyss of Instagram instead of studying for an exam. Utilize your Laker community and help each other out!

Check Your Email

Professors understand that this transition isn’t an easy one, and many of them are using Blackboard and emails to help you through your courses! Make sure to check your email at least once a day for any updates on your class or assignment reminders. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your professors either! They’re more than happy to help with any challenges you face during this time.

Though the rest of the semester has taken on a different look, it’s important to stay focused and finish strong! Throw on your comfiest clothes, grab a cup of coffee, and take it one assignment at a time. For more tips for managing online classes, visit the Student Academic Success Center website.

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