De-Stress with Exam Cram

Posted on December 5, 2017

Finals are a stressful time for us all. Whether you’re one of the lucky few with only one final, or you are one of the unlucky many with five finals (three of which are comprehensive), you’re going to need some time to sit back and give your over-caffeinated brain a break. We all know that relaxing and taking some time to de-stress can be extremely beneficial to your overall health and mental well being. Luckily, GV students have been given a gift this holiday season to help us all unwind: Exam Cram.

student study in library
Therapy dogs
Students studying in library

Exam Cram is put on by the University Libraries in conjunction with many other departments on campus. Over the next two weeks, there are all kinds of events to help students ensure that they are taking care of themselves and their mental health while trying to maintain those GPAs. We have everything from yoga to coloring to puzzles to therapy dogs (a personal favorite here in the OSL). These events started December 3 and will continue until Thursday, December 14. Additionally, the libraries both downtown and on the Allendale campus will be extending their hours. A detailed list of hours and events can be found on the Exam Cram webpage (linked at the bottom of this article).


Throughout the week, there will be three ongoing activities:

  • If you best de-stress by watching entertaining and comforting holiday movies, “The Santa Clause” will be playing at the Big Screen Theater in Kirkhof Center.

  • If watching movies isn’t your scene (get it?), we also have free coloring in the Mary Idema Pew Library Knowledge Market, cleverly titled “Color Me Stressed.”

  • If you just want to go curl up with a good book, go to the Free Book Exchange taking place until December 13 in the Mary Idema Pew Library Lobby.

In addition to all of these ongoing activities, Exam Cram is proud to offer awesome stress-reducing activities to get that blood pumping and sweat off the stress in between long hours of studying. They are offering free yoga, SPIN classes, Zumba, Barre classes, and more. In addition to all of these, they’re also providing free chair massages, sleep/stress screenings, and even free food in the Kirkhof lobby. For a detailed list of times, places, dates, and even MORE activities (if you can imagine — so many options!) visit the Exam Cram page.

Be sure to take advantage of these free activities, get lots of sleep, and take care of yourselves, Lakers! Finish strong, and go pet a therapy dog while you’re at it.


Therapy dogs

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