The Sociology Major Portfolio Requirements

The Sociology Major Portfolio

An important part of your major program in Sociology requires you to assemble a portfolio of five papers that demonstrate your sociological understanding and skills at three points in your undergraduate study of Sociology: at the beginning, at about the middle, and at the completion of the major. Meeting regularly with your advisor to discuss the creation of your portfolio gives you the opportunity to take control and responsibility for the shape and direction of your own education as you reflect on your progress at important points in your academic career. Collectively, the portfolios allow the Sociology faculty to assess whether we, as a department, are meeting our curricular goals. These goals include the following student learning goals:

1. Key Concepts – students will be well-versed in the disciplines key concepts for analyzing the social world.
2. Research Methods – Students will be proficient in quantitative and qualitative sociological research methods.
3. Communication – Students will be proficient in discipline-based communication.

A completed Portfolio contains the following papers:
• One paper written for SOC 101 - Introduction to Sociology
• One paper written for SOC 319 or 321 - Sociological Theory
• One paper from an elective sociology course
• One paper or report from a methods seminar
• The capstone statement

These should be papers that you submitted in a course and they should show your instructors comments and assessment. You should decide on what to include in your portfolio in consultation with your departmental advisor so you need to be conscientious about meeting with him or her at least once every semester to discuss your portfolio, your progress, and your schedule. Your advisor will keep one copy of the portfolio and you should keep a copy as well.

When you reach your senior year and you have finished most all of your major requirements you will meet with your advisor to review what you have done so far and to get approval from your advisor to register for the capstone (SOC495). When you finish the capstone class your capstone instructor will put your final paper in the portfolio and you'll be done!

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