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The Sociology Department at GVSU is a community of critical scholars who analyze the context of social interaction and the construction of difference in society. Sociology is the study and understanding of human interaction, how society effects individuals and how individuals effect society. We offer two majors—a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree that emphasizes research and data analysis, and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) that emphasizes foreign language skills and the humanities. We also offer a minor program that fits well with nearly any major.

Whichever major or minor program in Sociology you choose, we study the family, schools, peer groups, environment, gender, ethnicity, politics, economics, popular culture, sustainability, religion, life course, and other substantive areas. Wherever people interact and whatever they create, all the good and the bad of life and the stuff in between, that is the science of sociology.

The Sociology Department is part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.


Sociology student investigates impacts of divorce on children Spotlight

Sociology student investigates impacts of divorce on children

Undergraduate researcher Arieal Jackson seeks student participation for her sociology research project on the effects of divorce on young children. Jackson presented her findings thus far at the Michigan Sociological Association 2023 Annual Conference.

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Why Study Sociology at Grand Valley?

  • As a liberal arts school, Grand Valley takes interest in social issues and therefore offers a campus actively engaged in service, creating unique opportunities for sociology students.
  • The Sociology Club meets regularly throughout the academic year, engaging in fundraising; social, career, and graduate school planning activities; and providing a forum for discussing topics relevant to the discipline.
  • The Grand Valley Theta chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, the International Sociology Honor Society, promotes excellence in scholarship in the study of sociology, research of social problems, and other social and intellectual activities that will lead to an improvement in the human condition. 


Sociological Scholarship Opportunity

The Sociology Department is very pleased to offer the Robert and Linda '89 Rynbrandt Endowed Sociology Scholarship, funded by a generous grant from the Rynbrandt family. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage and assist sociology majors with the costs of their junior and senior year at GVSU. Please click here for detailed information. 


Prof. Lundskow publishes book on "Qanon and Other Replacement Realities" Spotlight

Prof. Lundskow publishes book on "Qanon and Other Replacement Realities"

Prof. Lundskow publishes book entitled "Q-Anon and Other Replacement Realities: How Religious Emotion Threatens Free Society but Can Also Contribute to a Progressive Future" with coauthor Sarah MacMillen (Duquesne University)

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Distinguished Alumni

Meghan Burke Spotlight

Meghan Burke

Equity and Inclusion Advisor at WarnerMedia Professor Emeritus at Illinois Wesleyan University

Melissa Guzman-Garcia Spotlight

Melissa Guzman-Garcia

Assistant Professor of Latina/Latino Studies at San Francisco State University

David Luke Spotlight

David Luke

Director, Intercultural Center at the University of Michigan - Flint

David A. Martin Spotlight

David A. Martin

Professor and Sociology Program Head, Lake Michigan College

Whitney Laster Pirtle Spotlight

Whitney Laster Pirtle

Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of California - Merced

Kayla Penokie Spotlight

Kayla Penokie

Executive Producer, Fox 17 News West Michigan

Littisha Bates Spotlight

Littisha Bates

Associate Professor of sociology at the University of Cincinnati.

Kyra Butler Spotlight

Kyra Butler

Client Experience Associate - The Nebo Company

Eric Gladstone Spotlight

Eric Gladstone

Assistant Professor of Management at the University of Kentucky

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