How to Pursue Academic Credit for Internships

Step #1: Meet with an Academic Advisor

Meet with an Academic Advisor in Seidman to determine if you are eligible and if internship credit is an option for your personal graduation plan. Schedule an appointment by visiting our webpage

Step #2: Secure Internship

Secure Internship- The Career Center here at GVSU can be a big help in this process. 

Step #3: Get Job Description Approved

Have your supervisor email your internship coordinator a copy of your internship job description. This should be as detailed as possible. The internship coordinator will determine if this internship is suitable for credit. You will receive an email letting you know if your internship would be approved for credit. For Accounting majors, your internship coordinator will be Rita Grant All other majors will be working with Shannon Davis-

Step #4: Complete Internship Packet & Learning Objectives

If you receive an email approving your job description, you will then be able to fill out our Internship Application Packet. This includes some general information we need from you as well as your Internship Learning Objectives that you will develop with a faculty member.
This packet will need to be turned into the Seidman Undergraduate Programs Office. All materials must be submitted together.
You will receive more information on this packet through your email once your job description is approved.

Step #5: Sign Up for Class through Banner

If above packet is approved, your next step is to sign up for the course! You’ll get instructions on how to do this via your GVSU email. Make sure to keep an eye on your email during this application process.

Step #6: Complete coursework and internship

Complete coursework through Blackboard. Make sure to keep up with deadlines and complete all assignments on time.


For more information regarding internship information and eligibility, please read the detailed FAQ page.

Internship Coordinators

Accounting Internships
Professor Rita Grant
(616) 331-7190

Other Business Internships
Shannon Davis
(616) 331-7500



Seidman Undergraduate Programs
(616) 331-7500