Advantages of Seidman's Early Access Program

Greater scheduling flexibility: 

Students can take 300 level courses earlier than those who are not in Seidman's Early Access Program. You are able to take your business courses when they best fit your schedule. 

Immediate assignment of a faculty advisor: 

Students who are part of this program and declare their Seidman major are assigned a faculty advisor in their major, to assist  with questions regarding career, elective course selection, and graduate school guidance.  

Earlier access to business courses: 

Typically, students begin their 200 level business courses in their sophomore year and their 300 level business courses in their junior year.  When you are part of Seidman's Early Access Program, you are eligible for 200 level business courses as a second semester first year student, and may be eligible for 300 level introductory business courses as a second semester sophomore.

Page last modified February 15, 2022