Van Andel Institute Opens Registration for 2023 Summer Camps with New 1-Day and 4-Day Options

We are pleased to announce that VAI's 2023 Summer Camps for grades K-12 are now open for registration. And, after the success of last year's K-12 Summer Camps, VAI is now expanding the programming to include new 1-day camp options, in addition to our traditional 4-day camp options. This development will allow VAI to better meet the time and budgetary needs of parents while also creating room for more students to participate. Regardless of which option is chosen, students will be treated to a unique summer experience where they will learn to think and act like scientists while exploring a range of STEM topics that encourage them to make the world a better place.

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Just a Few of VAI 2023 Summer Camps Include:

Marble Mayhem! (Grades K-2)
Log runs are a classic amusement park ride that slowly twist and turn until riders are dropped down a large slide to be soaked from head to toe. In this day camp experience, students will build their own log ride prototype using a marble and everyday materials. They will get their marble to roll, spin, and eventually drop safely into the landing zone. Be careful not to make it too long � there are a lot of riders waiting.

The Case of the Missing Bearded Dragon (Grades 2-4)
A beloved VAI organism has gone missing. Luckily, the criminal left behind a mysterious powder. Utilizing physical and chemical properties, students will identify the substance left behind and link it to a suspect to help bring our organism home.

Animal Survivor (Grades 4-5)
Explore the world of animal adaptations and the habitats they live in. Students will learn about, meet, and handle a variety of species including invertebrates, amphibians, and reptiles. Then, they'll study animal behavior, observe structural traits, and discover the unique ways animals survive in the wild.

Hogwarts in GR: The Science Behind the Magic (Grades 6-8)
Calling all witches and wizards! Grab your brooms, or use your Floo powder, and travel to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Van Andel style! Students will Immerse themselves in the world of Harry Potter as they get sorted into houses, make a magic wand, and attend courses such as Potions, Care for Magical Creatures, History of Magic, and Broomstick Flying! Then they will use their newfound knowledge to compete in the all new Triwizard Tournament at the end of the camp.

And much more!
The registration price for 1-day camps is $25. However, if you register for all grade-specific 1-day camps, the discounted price becomes $20. The price for 4-day camps ranges from $80 to $120 due to the cost of materials.

For more information on VAI's 2023 Summer Camps, including their dates and times, please visit

Page last modified March 8, 2023