Van Andel Institute for Education Empowers K-8 Educators with High-Quality Afterschool and Summer School Programs

Van Andel Institute for Education (VAI) has always been committed to fostering education both within and outside of the classroom. This means equipping teachers with effective tools that save them both time and energy, while also creating engaging learning experiences which foster student curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. To better meet these growing needs, VAI is once again inviting teachers to explore their comprehensive, project-based Afterschool and Summer School programs for grades K-8.

K-8 Project-Based Afterschool Program: Whether it's running an afterschool club or providing wraparound services for students, it can be tough to find high-quality resources that any teacher can use to accelerate learning without requiring hours of prep time. VAI's Project-based Afterschool Program offers project plans and supplies, as well as coaching for staff, to ensure teachers are comfortable and confident with the lessons.

K-8 Project-Based Summer School: Summer school is crucial to helping students address learning gaps and prepare for the upcoming school year. Project-Based Learning provides an authentic context for learning and motivating students and teachers alike. PBL allows teachers to tackle more content standards in a shorter amount of time. With highly engaging projects and customized professional development support, VAI can help teachers identify instructional gaps and deliver lessons that summer school students will find engaging and meaningful.

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Page last modified April 10, 2023