VAI Fighting Teacher Fatigue with 20% Off Flex PD

The ongoing pandemic has proven incredibly taxing for teachers. Reports have shown that many are feeling stressed, exhausted, and stretched thin from the mounting strain of teaching. Van Andel Institute for Education (VAI) wants to give educators and schools the tools they need to finish this year strong. To meet the challenges of our current environment, VAI is now offering 20% off* all Flex PD booked by June 30, 2021 for delivery now or in the 2021-2022 school year.

Through flexible workshops, learning sessions, and ongoing coaching schools can fight back against teacher fatigue while developing skills and strategies that inspire students' critical and creative thinking skills and teach them the content-knowledge they need to succeed.

In addition to the discount, Van Andel Institute is offering free PD Needs Analysis to identify strengths and gaps in learner engagement to help develop your PD plan.  The tool and the report are free, whether you choose VAI as your PD provider or not.

"The PD today was awesome. I saw so many smiles - we needed that!" - Yvette Levy, Principal at Wilkinson Elementary

How to get started

Take the FREE PD Needs Analysis Survey
This 5-10-minute survey will generate a high-level report detailing your PD goals. From there, VAI's content team will dive deeper into the results and formulate a proposed PD plan for you to use. You can choose to partner with us or take your tailored plan to a different PD provider. Either way, the process completely free!

Explore VAI's Flex PD
VAI's Flex PD is designed to be transformative, customizable, and affordable. Browse our catalogue and explore teacher-tested strategies that have been proven with students in real classrooms. Choose from a variety of workshops, learning sessions, and coaching to build a customized plan that works for you.

Reach Out Today!
Set up an appointment with VAI today and discuss PD options that fit your time, budget, and content needs. Take advantage of 20% off all Flex PD booked by June 30, 2021, for delivery now or in the 2021-2022 school year. We don't invoice until delivery, so you can save now and pay later.

Our Flex PD model allows schools to choose a variety of topics that best suit their needs while also choosing how they would like their PD to be delivered. We truly want each and every teacher to walk away feeling inspired, supported, and respected, and our Flex PD does that in practical and engaging ways." - Jamie MacPherson, Learning Solutions Specialist

VAI's 20% discount does not apply to existing contracts or proposals without VAI approval and may not be combined with any other offers. Contracts must be signed by 6/30/21 with training delivered before or within the 2021-2022 school year.

Give your teachers the spark they need to reignite their passion and set them up for success in the coming year!

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