Conference Presentations


Dionne Pinto-Guerra (McNair Scholar)

Dionne Pinto-Guerra (McNair Scholar) worked with Mary Bower Russa and gave an oral presentation: "History of trauma, mental health functioning, and parent stress in maltreating parents"

Liam Hart (Student Summer Scholar)

Liam Hart (Student Summer Scholar) worked with Mike Wolfe and gave an oral presentation: "Information about past beliefs influences current beliefs".

Lily Kedzuch (Stiner Scholar)

Lily Kedzuch (Stiner Scholar) worked with Todd Williams and Mike Wolfe. She presented: "Machiavellian tactics and views are associated with destructive coping strategies" (mask removed for photo)

Claire Stone (McNair Scholar)

Claire Stone (McNair Scholar) worked with Amanda Dillard on her project: "The Effects of anticipated and retrospective regret on eating behaviors and emotions"

Keylaiha Brown (McNair Scholar)

Keylaiha Brown (McNair Scholar) worked with Mihaela Friedlmeier on her project: "The Impact of community engagement on marginalized youth"

Psychology Graduate Valerie Weber

Valerie Weber at the Michigan Autism Conference in Kalamazoo, MI

Psychology student Rachel Lawson

Bridging the Gap Between Generations: Social Participation via Befriending Programs

Psychology student Jack Kelly

Bridging the Intergenerational Gap with a Virtual Platform

Alysha Burd & Rebecca Saur

Promoting Intergenerational Connections: A Real-Life Approach to the Classroom

Psych major Alex Denison

Society for Personality and Social Psychology 2019

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