Robert Deaner

Robert Deaner

Professor - Evolutionary/Comparative Psychology

  • B.A., Colgate University
  • Ph.D., Duke University

Office: 1315 Au Sable Hall

Phone: (616) 331-2423

Email: [email protected]




Evolutionary; Sex Differences; Sports

Courses Taught

PSY300 - SWS Research Methods in Psychology

PSY315 - Psychology of Sex Differences

PSY375 - Comparative Psychology

Recent Publications

Bleske-Rechek, A., Deaner, R. O., Paulich, K. N., Axelrod, M., Badenhorst, S., Nguyen, K., Seyoum, E., & Lay, P. S. (2022). In the eye of the beholder: Situational and dispositional predictors of perceiving harm in others' words. Personality and Individual Differences, 200.

Deaner, R. O., Dunlap, L. C., & Bleske-Rechek, A. (2022). Sex Differences in competitiveness in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). Evolutionary Psychology, 20 (2)

Deaner, R. O., McClellan, A., Zeigler-Hill, V., & Benenson, J. F. (2021). Sex differences in exclusion and aggression on single-sex sports teams. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 15(2), 159–174.

Deaner, R. O., Addona, V, & Hanley, B. (2019). Risk taking runners slow more in the marathon. Frontiers in Psychology, 10, 333.

Lombardo, M., & Deaner, R. O. (2018). On the evolution of sex differences in throwing: Throwing is a male adaptation in humans. Quarterly Review of Biology, 93, 91 - 119.

Deaner, R. O., Balish, S. M., & Lombardo, M. P. (2016). Sex differences in sports: An evolutionary perspective. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 10, 73 - 97. 

Deaner, R. O., Lowen, A, Rogers, W., & Saksa, E. (2015). Does the sex difference in competitiveness decrease in selective sub-populations? A test with intercollegiate distance runners. PeerJ, 3: e884.

Deaner, R. O., Carter, R. E., Joyner, M. J., & Hunter, S. K. (2015). Men are more likely than women to slow in the marathon. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 47, 607-616. 

Lombardo, M., & Deaner, R. O. (2014). You can’t teach speed: Sprinters falsify the deliberate practice model of expertise. PeerJ, 2, e445.
Winegard, B. M., Winegard, B., & Deaner, R. O. (2014). Misrepresentations of evolutionary psychology in sex and gender textbooks. Evolutionary Psychology, 12, 474-508.

Lowen, A., Deaner, R. O., & Schmitt, E. (2014). Guys and gals going for gold: The role of gender empowerment in Olympic success. Journal of Sports Economics.

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