Program Development & Fundraising

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Background -

The main duties of this career entail working with either non-profit organizations or business to development efficient programs and write grants for sufficient funding of the organization. An overarching role of this role is to assess the needs of the entire organization.

What is the average salary of a Fundraising Director? $67,533* Annually

What classes at GVSU may help me in my career? Discuss with your advisor which courses among those on this list, along with other courses not listed here, would best serve your career goals.
     1. PSY 360 – Social Psychology
     2. WRT 350 – Business Communications

What minors could I explore depending on my interests?

     3. Minor in Nonprofit Administration - (21 credits)
          a. PA 270 – Public Administration
          b. PA 335 – Grant Writing
          c. PA 360 – Volunteerism and the Nonprofit Sector
          d. PA 420 – Organization Sector
          e. PA 490 – Internship
     4. Minor Business
          a. BUS 201 – Legal Environmental for Business
          b. ACC 212 – Principals of Financial Accounting
          c. ACC 213 – Principals of Managerial Accounting
          d. MGT 331 – Concepts of Management
          e. MKT 350 – Marketing Management
          f. FIN 320 – Managerial Finance

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What skills are important for someone in this role? The ability to communicate orally and in writing is extremely important for this career. In addition, having good attention to detail, the ability to work as a team, to work on multiple projects at the same time and organization is also important.

Employer Possibilities – This career allows you to work within many fields and different contexts. An example of one specific career would be “Grant Writing for a Human Service Agency”

*Average Salary of Fundraising Director from (2017)