Internship Information

As the internship begins to draw to a close it will be time to think about completing the final requirements. Three things are required:

  1. Submit a written report. This report should be reviewed and approved by your internship advisor before it is sent to your graduate program director and the PSM coordinator. Report guidelines are attached.
  2. Give an oral presentation on your internship. The contents of this presentation should be approved by your internship advisor and the date and forum for your presentation can be arranged with your graduate program director.
  3. Be evaluated by your internship advisor. Once your internship is completed the PSM coordinator will send a request to your advisor asking her/him to fill out a short evaluation. Final grades for PSM 691 will not be impacted by this evaluation since it is mostly an evaluation of the program and not of the student. Once you submit the report and give the presentation, grades will be changed towards the end of the semester. 


Page last modified April 19, 2022