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Welcome to the Grand Valley Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (or simply Phi Kappa Phi or ΦΚΦ) was established to recognize and encourage superior scholarship without restriction as to area of study and to promote the "unity and democracy of education". It was founded in 1897 at the University of Maine and is the oldest and most selective multidisciplinary collegiate honor society in the United States. 

The society has more than 100,000 active members which include great minds in science and medicine, government and law, military, education and business, along with sports, literature and the arts, and just about every other field imaginable. The honor society initiates more than 25,000 members a year on 325 campuses in the United States and the Philippines. It is a global network of the best and brightest, a community of scholars and professionals building an enduring legacy for all generations. More than 1.25 million members have joined its ranks since Phi Kappa Phi’s founding.

The society's motto is "Let the love of learning rule humanity".  The society's mission is "to recognize and promote academic excellence in all fields of higher education and to engage the community of scholars in service to others."

Page last modified February 20, 2023