Outstanding University Service Award

During the 1999-2000 academic year, President Arend D. Lubbers authorized an annual Outstanding University Service Award and an annual Outstanding Community Service Award. These awards are for commendation and cash to be given to a deserving faculty member or members at the Faculty Awards Convocation, held the first Thursday in February. The guidelines for nomination and selection of candidates for this award are as follows:

a.  The Outstanding Service Awards are for outstanding service and are specifically separate from awards granted
     for outstanding teaching, scholarship, or other accomplishments.
b.  The Outstanding University Service Award is for service to the University including, but not limited to, committee work.
c.  The Outstanding Community Service Award is for service to the community that involves the faculty member's professional
     expertise, including, but not limited to, the faculty member's specific discipline.
d.  An Outstanding Service Awards Committee, consisting of eight faculty (one from each College, and one from the Library),
     two students, the Outstanding Service awardees from the previous year, and the Provost or designee (ex officio), will select
     the awardees and forward their names to the Provost by December 15 for awards to be made at the next Faculty Awards
               i. The Outstanding Service awardees serve on the committee for the academic year following their award.
              ii. The Student Senate will elect student representatives who will serve two year staggered terms.
             iii. The faculty representatives will be elected by their respective Colleges or the Library, and serve three-year staggered
             iv. The students and faculty members on the committee shall be representative of all segments of the campus community,
                  including academic discipline, academic level, instructional level, race and sex.
e.  Only full-time, tenure-track faculty are eligible for the Outstanding Service Awards.
f.   There shall be a maximum of two awards (one in each category) each year.
g.  Faculty members may not receive the awards more than once every ten years.
h.  Nominations for the award may come from the University Community (students, faculty, and staff) or from the
     community at large (alumni, community members).
i.   Self-nominations are not accepted.
j.   Members of the Outstanding Service Awards Committee may not nominate candidates for awards nor are they eligible for
     the award if nominated.
k.  Nominations for the award are in effect for two years.
l.   For either award, nomination forms are due to the Unit Head by October 1.
m. It is the responsibility of the Unit Head to assemble the following material in support of the nomination and to submit it
     to the Office of the Provost by November 1:  Submission should be a PDF file of at most 40 pages.
              i.  One-page nomination form.
              ii. Three letters of support from faculty colleagues who have knowledge of the nominee's service.
             iii.  Two letters of support from non-faculty who have knowledge of the nominee's service (Community Service Award only).
             iv.  A current curriculum vitae.
              v.  A reflective statement from the nominee about service, including a summary of his or her service contributions over
                   time (up to 1000 words).
            vi.  If desired, other relevant documentation in support of the nomination, such as documentation of recognition or grants,
                 or other materials pertinent to the nominee's service.

The Nomination Form and all supporting documents from the Unit Head are due November 1 to the Office of the Provost sent electronically as a pdf file to [email protected].

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