Thomas J. Haas has been president of Grand Valley State University for 10 years!

Grand Valley’s fourth president is so appreciated by students, they’ve given him the affectionate nickname T. Haas. He has shown his obvious love for students by getting to know as many as he can personally, and T. Haas has created countless memories that will be cherished by the GVSU community.

Events took place to celebrate, including the T. Haas 10 City Tour. Additionally, The Tom and Marcia Haas Power of 10 Endowed Scholarship was created and is being supported by students and alumni who want to give back to their favorite university president. 

Don’t forget to sign the Memory Book and leave T. Haas a congratulatory message!  

T. Haas Trivia

President Haas received two master’s degrees, in chemistry and environmental health sciences, at the University of Michigan. 

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Allison W Love 0

As a student I had an amazing opportunity to work in the Seidman College of Business Dean's Office - I would frequently see Tom up on the 5th floor while I was setting up for all the morning breakfasts,...

Paige R Love 7

T. Haas was kind enough to make a video in celebration of my victorious battle with cancer, as well as welcome me to becoming a Laker for a Lifetime! The video made me feel beyond thrilled to start...

Kristina G Love 1

T. Haas is an amazing president who continuously strives to connect the Michigan communities with his students. I've had the pleasure of interacting with T. Haas as a student and as an employer; always...

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