How has President Haas affected your time at GVSU?

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Grant L. Power of 10 photo submission
11/17/15 3:42 PM
President Haas is incredibly approachable and always looks out for the best interests of students. He makes it a point to connect with every single person he meets, and he affected my time at Grand Valley by making the university more well respected than it already was. I'm proud to have graduated from GVSU and President Haas was and still is a huge reason as to why I believe my experience was incredibly positive and beneficial both personally and professionally.

11/4/15 12:37 PM
Continue to do the good work in making GVSU a world class university, I'm proud to be a graduate and enjoy showing GVSU to friends and family. Soon we hope to have a third generation attending.

Best Wishes,

Dennis Sullivan
Class of 1976

10/28/15 4:47 PM
I was lucky enough to receive a FaceTime call from President Haas while I was deployed overseas this summer! It made my day and reminded me why I'm so proud to call myself a Laker!

Joshua P. Power of 10 photo submission
10/27/15 12:34 PM
T. Haas - Your personal relationship(s) with each and every student at GVSU truly makes you one-of-a-kind. From your visible and engaged presence at sporting events, to your witty beginning of semester video's, you know how to interact with students and faculty alike, and make us all proud to be Lakers. Congratulations on 10 years as GVSU President and best wishes for the next 10 years. Go Lakers!

10/8/15 9:01 AM
One morning I was sitting on a bench on campus stressing out over an exam and President Thomas J. Haas was walking by and took the time to walk over to the bench to tell me "Good morning Laker, have an awesome day!".

Andrew T. Power of 10 photo submission
10/7/15 4:32 PM
When a university has a tradition called "Presidents' Ball" you know that is the university you want to attend. T. Haas is an outstanding president that is so invested into the Grand Valley community. Going to a ball for my president made my week, getting a picture with the president during Presidents' Ball made my year. With over 25,000 students, I feel lucky to have a picture with T. Haas.

Christina D. Power of 10 photo submission
10/1/15 8:08 PM
"Favorite memory happened at an Alumni Reception Event in Sarasota, Fl. He remembered me from my GV Athletic Intern Days & asked if I had t-shirts to throw. Touched my heart that he & the First Lady of GV remembered me." #10forTHaas

Ronda C. Power of 10 photo submission
10/1/15 7:24 PM
When my son and I came for campus visit, I met him and didn't know he was the president! He was personable. His demeanor makes me PROUD of be an alumni of GVSU. My sons college experience at GVSU has been AMAZING, because of his interaction with the students, his commitment to GV growing and maintaining its status as BEST in the Mid-West. You rock T. Haas! I hope you are still president when my younger attends GVSU. #laker #legacy #family

10/1/15 7:14 PM
My boyfriend, now husband, and I were at the first home game in Fall 2008. T. Haas joined the already crowded student section and cheered along with the rest of us. Before leaving, he made sure to greet as many of us as he could.

10/1/15 7:07 PM
I remember during a tailgate we were playing cornhole and out of no where this guy grabs the bag out of my hand.. it was T. Haas. Appreciate all you do for the GV community!