Meghan Neuhaus

Meghan Neuhaus

Meghan (Thatcher) Neuhaus, International Education Specialist

Meghan Neuhaus is a Senior Project Manager for Grants Management at the William Davidson

Institute at the University of Michigan. Meghan specializes in the education sector, with

experience in curriculum and program design for e-learning programs, and a passion for

connecting diverse populations through virtual exchange. A 2011 GVSU graduate, Meghan was

an IR major and a nonprofit administration minor. She participated in the STAIR program,

studying abroad in Hungary and Poland. As a result of that program, Meghan earned a second

bachelor’s degree in international economics from Cracow University of Economics. Meghan

also completed an internship with Peace Corps at their headquarters in Washington, DC. She

also holds certificate in e-learning design and development from the University of Washington.

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