Claudia Hasbun

Claudia Hasbun

I graduated from GVSU with a B.A. in international relations in April 2011. Soon after, I began working in Washington, D.C. as a program assistant for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE). I was promoted to the position of program coordinator a year later. In the fall of 2014, I began my legal studies at Georgetown University Law Center as a Global Law Scholar. Since 2014, I have volunteered as a Spanish interpreter and translator for the Center for Applied Legal Studies and worked as a research assistant for Professor Franz Werro. During the summer of 2015, I was a legal intern at the Mexican state-owned oil and gas productive enterprise, Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX). And during the summer of 2016, I was a summer associate in the London office of White & Case.  I am now employed by White & Case in London.

As an IR major at GVSU, I had access to great courses, internship programs (the Washington Center) and study abroad opportunities (Studies in Trans-Atlantic International Relations program). I also had the privilege of learning from excellent and passionate professors, such as Professor Polly Diven and Professor Thomas Walker. Early on in my undergraduate studies, I realized the importance of the mentorship that professors selflessly provide. Through every step of my career and educational achievements, I have been fortunate enough to benefit from both professors’ guidance and support.  My study abroad experience in Poland and Hungary and my dual degree from the Cracow University of Economics was particularly important in securing my law internship at White & Case.

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