April 05, 2024


Jackson Tisdale is the recipient of the Grand Valley in DC Scholarship for the 2023-24 academic year. The purpose of this alumni-funded scholarship is to assist students in pursuing internship opportunities in Washington, D.C.

Jackson’s internship is with the National Interest Foundation (NIF), a non-partisan, non-profit think tank whose key focus areas include the global promotion of human rights, the expansion of freedom, and advancements in social justice. Of his work with NIF, Jackson says: “I am a Foreign Policy Intern and my responsibilities include writing/content drafting, research, assisting with planning and coordination of events/meetings, and attending off-site think tank events and meetings. My main contribution to the NIF is assisting in providing analysis of pressing foreign policy issues and then drafting articles to publish on the organization’s main page.” The GV in DC Scholarship has made it possible for Jackson to attend other events in DC and meet interesting people through the NIF. “One of my most memorable experiences with the NIF so far,” Jackson explains, “has been attending an event at the South African Embassy where I got to listen to both South Africa’s Ambassador and Foreign Minister deliver moving speeches, and afterward met with prominent figures. Another experience that has been important to my development was when the NIF hosted an event and I got to personally meet and talk with our panel of distinguished guests. Overall, this experience has broadened my network, expanded my professional skills, and provided me with insight into what I want to do in the future.”

Congratulations to Jackson, and thank you to all the alumni who have contributed to the GV in DC Scholarship Fund.

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Page last modified April 5, 2024