GVSU Students Attend Midwest Model European Union At Indiana University

April 07, 2023

GVSU Students Attend Midwest Model European Union At Indiana University

Students in Professor John Constantelos’s European Union course had an engaging and high-impact educational experience when they represented the governments of Denmark and Ireland at the three-day Midwest Model European Union at Indiana University last week.

The experience made a lasting impact on the students who participated. Faith Kidd, student body president and participant stated that "The Midwest Model European Union course and simulation provided me with a unique experience where I was able to practice my teamwork, cooperation, and policy-writing skills. Through this experience, I was able to write a directive in the fashion of EU legislation and work with other members of a council to edit the legislation and pass it. This experience further encouraged me to pursue a career in policy, and made me a better communicator!"

Jess Gjolaj, another student participant said that the event "...gave me a first hand experience and knowledge on how the European Union functions and the process of amending and passing proposals, and I really enjoyed collaborating with representatives from other countries."

The Midwest Model European Union is the second oldest intercollegiate model European Union in North America, and was created to teach college students valuable diplomacy skills, as well as to bring awareness to the political issues of the European Union.

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