New Faculty Member: Professor Camarillo

August 26, 2022

New Faculty Member: Professor Camarillo

Professor C. Tyler Godines Camarillo joins the Political Science Department as a new assistant professor this semester. Professor Camarillo attended the University of Texas at San Antonio for his undergraduate degree in Political Science. He recently completed his Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Oklahoma, where he also earned a Master’s degree. At Grand Valley, he will be teaching American Government and Poverty, Inequality, and U.S. Public Policy. His hope for the future is to teach classes on race and politics in America.

Professor Camarillo looks forward to teaching at Grand Valley because of its small class sizes and ability to learn and work with students. Through working with students in their study strategies to building a career, Professor Camarillo knows that his teaching and mentorship will give students a foundation to succeed. Being a first-generation college student himself, Professor Camarillo acknowledges that he must understand what students require through developing courses that fit the needs of students to help them grow professionally and academically. Professor Camarillo wants to help students make it through in their careers and “show what he benefited from as a student.” He is also very aware that as a professor he can not only “teach but must also learn from students.”

Outside of the classroom, Professor Camarillo enjoys spending time with his wife, Krystal, daughter, Luminara, and son, Xavier. He also takes pleasure in reading science fiction novels and gaming.

The Political Science Department warmly welcomes Professor Camarillo and can’t wait to see what he has planned!

Author: Kyla Dukes

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Page last modified August 26, 2022