GVSU Students Attend the National Security Seminar in Washington, DC

September 12, 2022

GVSU Students Attend the National Security Seminar in Washington, DC

In May 2022, 11 GVSU students spent one week in Washington studying US national security issues.
Professor Polly Diven led the group of political science and international relations majors, who explored
many aspects of national security, including military security, cybersecurity, global climate security, and
more. Students attended lectures by experts from the government, think tanks, and non-profit sectors
every morning. In the afternoons, students conducted site visits to security organizations such as
Lockheed Martin, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and the Center for Strategic and
International Studies. Students also toured the US Supreme Court and attended a DC alumni networking

Students who attended the seminar had the following responses:

“This seminar was an incredible experience. There were so many opportunities to network, and it gave
me hope about what to do with my degrees after school.”

“This trip had a tremendous impact on my personal, educational, and career goals.”

“Of all my travel and learning experiences thus far, this has been my favorite, because of its combination
of lectures, immersion in the city, and site visits.”

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Page last modified September 12, 2022