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Finance and Administration - Objectives

BOT 6.1

Policy Statement

6.1 Objectives

The objectives of accounting services are to develop, implement, and maintain systems which provide internal control and safeguards for the assets of the University. The office also provides internal and external reports to the extent necessary to allow proper administration of University activities.

The budget office prepares all budgetary materials necessary for various constituencies including state authorities, legislators, University committees, executive officers, and the Board of Trustees.  The budget office is responsible for maintaining the University's list of approved positions, and the University's base General Fund Budget.

The objectives of business services are: (1) to support the educational programs of the institution; and (2) to improve campus life by providing special support services to students, faculty, and staff. Business services may be categorized as either auxiliary or general fund and may be financed partially or fully by charges applied to the user.