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Adjunct Executive, Administrative, and Professional Staff Compensable Service

BOT 4.5.2

Policy Statement

4.5.2 Compensable Service

  1. Compensation Rates. A compensable pay period will be any period when one has fulfilled all assigned responsibilities. For all or any part of such period when a staff member has failed to meet the requirements of compensable service, they will incur a proportionate lost-time forfeiture at a rate determined by dividing the base salary by the total number of payroll days during the term of appointment.

    There are normally 260 payroll days per full year, 190 payroll days per academic year, and 95 payroll days per academic semester. Payroll shall normally be semi-monthly. For purposes of Section 4.5.2, the academic year or fiscal year begins August 15.

    Certain Adjunct EAP staff are eligible for overtime according to law. Contact the Human Resources Office for eligibility.
  2. Starting Rates. Starting rates for any staff member will be set within the approved salary range for the position, as listed in the Executive, Administrative and Professional staff compensation schedule. The minimum rate will normally apply for all staff members possessing qualifications not significantly greater than the minimum required. In any case, the starting rate will be set by the appointing officer in consultation with the Human Resources Office at a level judged to be commensurate with the applicant's educational credentials, prior experience, special skills, and promising qualities. Staff members who are appointed for additional limited and expressly stated terms of a year or less may be eligible for advancement within an authorized salary range for the same position provided that such opportunity will be granted only once within a fiscal year and such advancement is based on meritorious service.