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Regular Executive, Administrative, and Professional Staff Reduction in Force

BOT 4.4.5

Policy Statement

4.4.5 Reduction in Force 

A staff member may be laid off due to the elimination of their position and normally will be given notice based on their length of service on date notified as follows:

Less than 2 years of service - 1 months' notice

2 years, but less than 5 years of service - 2 months' notice

5 years, but less than 10 years of service - 3 months' notice

10 or more years of service - 6 months' notice

Staff given layoff notices may use up to four (4) days with pay for position search with prior permission from their supervisor.

Such staff may continue on layoff for up to twelve months, or their length of service if less than twelve months, from the effective date of the notice. Employment will terminate upon the expiration of the layoff period. Staff on layoff shall be eligible to purchase group medical insurance at the appropriate (COBRA) rate.