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Amnesty for Alcohol or Drug Violations

STU 10.0

  1. Policy Statement
  2. Procedures

Policy Statement

To foster a culture of health, wellness, and concern for others, the University provides amnesty for students who report alcohol or drug violations to the University and request amnesty. 

10.1 Criteria for Amnesty
At the discretion of the Director of OSCCR (or designee), amnesty may be extended on a case-by-case basis for situations including but not limited to:
•    Possession of alcohol or drugs by a minor
•    Unauthorized possession or use of alcohol or drugs on campus
•    Consumption of alcohol by a minor
•    Use of drugs
•    Intoxication as the result of using alcohol

10.2 Amnesty
To encourage students/UAOs who may be hesitant to report to University officials because they fear that they themselves may be accused of alcohol or drug violations, at the time of the incident, the University pursues a policy of amnesty. Restorative and educational options will be explored, but no conduct proceedings or disciplinary record will result. 

10.3 For Those Who Offer Assistance
To encourage students/UAOs to offer help and assistance to others, the University pursues a policy of amnesty for alcohol or drug violations when students/UAOs offer help to others in need. Restorative and educational options will be explored, but no conduct proceedings or disciplinary record will result. 

10.4 Safe Harbor
The University has a Safe Harbor rule for students. The University believes that students who have a drug and/or addiction problem deserve help. If any student brings their own use, addiction, 
or dependency to the attention of University staff or faculty outside the threat of drug tests or actions under the Anchor, and seeks assistance, the University conduct process will not be pursued. A written action plan may be used to track cooperation with the Safe Harbor program by the student. Failure to follow the action plan will nullify the Safe Harbor protection and University conduct processes may be initiated. 


Section 6.0 - Conduct Process and Resolution Procedures outlines the procedures related to this policy.

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