Why GVSU Plants?

  • Plants provide breathable air, food, medicine, and beauty!
  • Learning the plants you encounter is fun! 

There are lots of very good resources to learn plants (see the Resources page for details), this webpage is not aiming to replace those.  Instead, it is intended for people who are eager to learn more about plants in small, easy-to-digest chunks by either focusing on a place or a plant type.  The lists are not comprehensive, instead, they are focused on the common plants and the plants of special interest.  The hope is you will use the pages to learn more about the plants of West Michigan. 

Ask a botanist

If you have questions about plants in the region, the following GVSU faculty are happy to help.

Bob Hollister

Bob Hollister
Expertise in wetland plants and tundra plants

Gary Greer

Gary Greer
Expertise in ferns, invasive plants and plant morphology

Smiling picture of Tim

Tim Evans


Expertise in plant diversity (especially Commelinaceae and Bromeliaceae) and director of the GVSU Herbarium.