Public Transportation

Public Transportation
There are many ways to travel around Grand Valley campuses, as well as, around the greater Grand Rapids area and beyond. Below are descriptions of the most common public forms of transportation offered.

The Rapid Bus: Routes are available for campus to campus transportation, off-campus housing, shopping areas, hospitals, transit stations, businesses along Lake Michigan Drive and beyond. Central Station is located at 250 Grandville Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Access for bus routes, as well as, a step-by-step guide to riding the public bus service. GVSU routes can be found at 

There are 4 main routes connected to the GVSU campuses:
Route 37 - North Campus Express (Apartment Shuttle) 
Route 48 - South Campus Express (Apartment Shuttle)
Weekday Laker Line BRT - GVSU Campus Connector that goes between Allendale Campus and Pew Campus / Lafayette 
Route 85 - Apartment Connector

The website has both time tables for each route and maps so you know what areas are covered  by each route. Be sure to check bus times as they change each semester and buses often do not run or run less often on holidays and when classes are not in session.

GVSU students may ride the Rapid free of charge by presenting their student I.D. to the driver. 

Amtrak Train Station: Amtrak is the national rail service. While not as extensive or convenient as many other countries' train networks, Amtrak does offer services between most of the United States major cities. Visit the Amtrak website at for route and price information.

Greyhound Bus Station: Greyhound, Inc is the largest provider of intercity bus transportation nationwide. Students receive a reduced rate on ticket purchases. Visit Greyhounds website at for route and price information.

Uber and Lyft: Ride share apps have become popular in Grand Rapids, and is usually more accessible that company taxi services. You can schedule a ride ahead of time or look for cars in the area. 

Link to Uber / Link to Lyft

Taxi Services: Like most cities, Grand Rapids has a number of taxi companies. For a smooth traveling experience, plan ahead and know where your destination is. It is customary to tip your cab driver 10-15%. Most drivers appreciate payment in cash. If you need to use credit/debit card, inform the driver prior to hiring the taxi. If you plan to use a taxi round trip, make returning home arrangements prior releasing the taxi.

Calder City Taxi (616) 454-8080

Yellow Cab Company (616) 459-4646

American Taxicab Company (616) 243-5314

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