Welcome to West Michigan!

West Michigan is a combination of big city hustle and small town charm where residents enjoy fast-paced excitement and laid-back leisure. This area revolves around downtown Grand Rapids which features dining, nightlife, and culture. This unique city is also home to museums, Broadway performances, operas, ballet, concerts, and semi-professional baseball, hockey, and soccer teams. Outside of the city, this area provides a wide array of outdoor attractions in nature which feature hiking, fishing, boating, and beaches. Michigan experiences all four seasons allowing one to participate in almost any imaginable recreational activity.

As you navigate through your journey at Grand Valley State University, the Compass guide will serve as your trusted companion, providing insights into American customs and pointing you towards hidden gems in the West Michigan area. From scenic parks to bustling markets, this resource is designed to enrich your stay and help you create lasting memories. Embrace the opportunity to explore diverse cuisines and connect with fellow students who share your background, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Let the spirit of adventure guide you as you uncover the treasures that West Michigan holds, and may your experiences be as fulfilling as they are memorable.

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Page last modified May 14, 2024