Masterclass: Pianist Leandro Marquesano from Eduardo Tami Tango Ensemble

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
1pm, SVS

Argentine pianist 25 years of age with studies in the Conservatorio Manuel de Falla (Buenos Aires)
Study particularly with Victor Carrion and Andres Gomez (harmony and counterpoint), Aniba Gluzmann and Andrea Garcia (Piano), Franco Polimeni (Tango), Abel Rogantini, Andrés Beewusaert and Diego Schissi (Jazz), Argentine pianists.
Participated in compositions for movies and series important channel television tv Argentina.
In 2009 he toured Spain with the artist Suna Rocha, an artist of national and international.
In 2010 I also do 5 shows in Uruguay.
From 2011 works arranged for Argentine pianist Juan Carlos Cambas, based in Spain, which in these arrangements is currently recording with singer International projection Portuguese Dulce Pontes.
He has made several recordings as both tango folk artists from Argentina, Japan and Switzerland.
Since 2011, member of Tami tango trio, performing in several stages in Argentina and USA every year.
2014 Performance in Port au Prince Haiti with Eduardo Tami and Sainte Trinite Orchestra.