Course Descriptions

NUR 607 - Health Care System, Policy and Politics

This course focuses on policy decisions related to the organization, financing, and delivery of health care in the global community. It provides a basis for understanding political and social forces that shape nursing practice and health care delivery. Ethical dimensions of public policy formulations and implementation will be highlighted. Prerequisite: graduate standing or permission. Credits: 3


NUR 620 - Clinical Pharmacology

Explores pharmacological categories of drugs used by practitioners with a variety of patient groups. Selected drugs within categories are presented and compared on parameters such as indications, therapeutic and/or adverse effects, monitoring, doses, and common drug interactions. (3-0-0-0) Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of classroom-seminar-skills laboratory-clinical laboratory hours per week. Offered spring/summer semester. Prerequisites: NUR 622 and NUR 623 or BMS 608. Credits: 3


NUR 581 - Chronic and Terminal Illness: The Palliative/ Hospice Model

Explores the trajectory of dying in America from multiple perspectives. Content will be presented from theoretical, sociocultural, and political frameworks as they apply to care of those with life-limiting disease and palliative and/or hospice care within the US healthcare system. Ethical, legal, and sociocultural dilemmas will be examined.  Credits: 3

NUR 582 - Complex Pain and Symptom Management

Explores common pain and symptom management issues in palliative and end-of-life care including utilization of complex therapies using a patient-centered, interdisciplinary approach. Credits: 3


PA 634 - Health Care Law and Ethics

Examines current and historical legal and ethical issues impacting health administration, including malpractice and other liability issues, licensing and regulation, professional ethics, contracts and property, insurance, corporate, taxation, antitrust, fraud and abuse, medical staff, confidentiality, health care access, peer review, ethics committees, legal and ethical aspects of patient care decision making and consent. 3 Credits.


SW 671 - Social Work Practice in Health Care

This course emphasizes the development of social work skills pertinent to health care settings. Assessment of the impact of illness, treatment, and hospitalization on patients and families are explained. Models of the helping process and health care theories will be examined and result in advanced practice skills. Offered winter semester. Prerequisite: SW 603.  Credits: 3


SW 669 - Grief, Loss and Death

This course examines death, grief, and loss in America including theories, cultural rituals, social traditions, and taboos before and after death. Psychological and spiritual foundations of death, grief, and loss are explored from multiple perspectives and cultures including the experience of grief and bereavement in families, caregivers, and health professionals. Credits: 3

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