The Oliver Wilson Scholars Program

Mission Statement

The Oliver Wilson Scholars program is a learning community that is designed to provide comprehensive academic, professional and social support to students. This program offers multi-dimensional support both in group and one-on-one settings. The Oliver Wilson Scholars program focuses on easing the transition for students from high school to college, with a heavy emphasis on academic preparation, personal development and skill building.

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Location & Hours

Oliver Wilson Scholars program 
1 Campus Drive
1240 Kirkhof Center
Allendale, Michigan 49401 

Office hours:  Monday-Friday 8 AM - 5 PM 
Phone: 616-331-5200

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Participation & Expectations

What are the benefits of participating in Oliver Wilson Scholars program?

  • One-on-one academic advising and social support from Oliver Wilson Scholars program staff members
  • Learning and college study skills development
  • Mentoring from prior Oliver Wilson Scholars program participants and faculty
  • Specialized course sections with learning communities
  • Specialized tutoring/study groups

What are the expectations of students who are participating in the Oliver Wilson Scholars program?

  • Visit with Oliver Wilson Scholars program staff after your orientation session in the summer
  • Meet with their Oliver Wilson Scholars program adviser throughout each semester.
  • Attend weekly Oliver Wilson Scholars program study table.
  • Register for general education courses that are designated for Oliver Wilson Scholars program participants.

How can I join Oliver Wilson Scholars program? 

The Oliver Wilson Scholars program is only open to incoming students who are selected by the Admissions Office during the application review process.

Page last modified September 7, 2023