Academic Honesty Policy for Math Center Tutors

Approved November 2013 by the Mathematics Department Advisory Committee

Introduction and Rationale

All students providing tutoring in mathematics are expected to conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity, and to support the academic integrity policies in GVSU’s Student Code, particularly Section 3.1: Integrity and Scholarship of Grades.  Student tutors, both in their individual academic work and their work as tutors, are expected to be exemplars of appropriate conduct and to set positive examples for their tutees and peers.

Eligibility for Employment in the Math Center

  1. For the purposes of this policy, academic dishonesty refers to any violation of Section 223.00 of the GVSU Student Code, or any action that violates the academic honesty policies prescribed by a GVSU faculty member within a specific course.
  2. Any student found responsible for any documented incident of academic dishonesty will be ineligible for employment as a tutor in the Math Center for a period of at least one year following the violation.
  3. Any current tutor who is found responsible for a documented incident of academic dishonesty will be subject to suspension of employment in the Math Center.
  4. Any current tutor who knowingly provides unauthorized assistance to a student in the Math Center, or who provides excessive assistance constituting support of plagiarism, may be subject disciplinary action or suspension of employment.

Enforcement and Reinstatement

  1. The Director of the Math Center will regularly share with the Unit Head a list of current tutors.  If the Unit Head verifies that any of these students has been found responsible for a documented incident of academic dishonesty, then s/he will notify the Director of the Math Center, who will take appropriate action as described in Section II.
  2. At the discretion of the Unit Head and the Director of the Math Center, a student whose employment has been terminated for academic dishonesty may be reinstated after a period of no less than one year without further violations.
  3. Any student whose employment is suspended for academic dishonesty, but who is subsequently found not responsible via the appeals process, will be reinstated.

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