Greater West Michigan Region Career Exploration StoryMap

About the Map

The MiSTEM Career Exploration StoryMap is a spatial tool that combines interactive maps, text, and other multimedia content for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) career awareness, exploration, and development for students, parents, adult job seekers, and the community. The StoryMap will function as a statewide database and tool to visualize and access workforce data in a unique and useful way. 

Designed to communicate the physical location of business partners and industry clusters in Michigan, users will have the tools to identify opportunities for making better career decisions. Students and adults can use these resources to help them prepare for higher education, credentials, and the future STEM workforce. 

The map highlights:

  • high-wage and high-demand careers 
  • apprenticeship and internship opportunities
  • industry cluster data

To view the map click on the circle Access Map above. 

Page last modified June 7, 2023