MAREC Receives BAF Grant to Help SEEQR and Dirt Works

September 01, 2015

MAREC received $50,000 in financial assistance in March to contribute toward the development and testing of SEEQR Security’s homeland security screening device that operates on nonintrusive radio waves. “It’s the same as listening to AM radio,” said Will Payne, a spokesman for the company. Payne said, “explosive detection will be harmless to airline passengers.” RAMI, a defense contractor also in Grand Haven, is developing the prototype for testing by Delta Airlines and the TSA. Delta has ordered 7 detection units for conducting trials. SEEQR contributed $1,201,491 toward the MAREC-led project. If the launch is successful, SEEQR plans on employing 300 workers by the end of 5 years.

In June, MAREC received $37,500 from the MEDC for market strategy development and patent work for Dirt Works, the developer of an on board, heavy equipment, leveling device. Using the device to find and maintain slopes on road graders, front end loaders, and similar heavy equipment has been shown to cut time by 20% in field tests. “The operator no longer needs to leave the cab, work with surveyors, to maintain design slope,” said John Miller, President of Dirt Works. Elmer’s Team of Traverse City field tested the prototype and will purchase units for its operators. Dirt Works’ manufacturing partners include Camcar Plastics of Muskegon and Viking Tool and Engineering of Whitehall. MAREC financial assistance will support work at Products That Work (Muskegon) to develop a marketing strategy to launch the product this fall at the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition. MAREC is also assisting with patent fillings and defense. Dirt Works has contributed $185,000 to date toward prototype development and testing. If the launch is successful, 75 new positions are expected to be created by the end of the fifth year.

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Page last modified September 1, 2015